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**We have a new name**

We are now Canton Arts Academy!

Please visit our new website here for current information


**We have a new name**

We are now Canton Arts Academy!

Please visit our new website here for current information:











PLay! Music and Art was started on the back porch of our Canton home while discussing how amazing it would be to take our existing music and art students to the next level, by having a school that we could open up to greater range of students and instruments. The core of what makes PLaY! different is the quality of our instructors. Our passion to share art and music is what drives us! Call us today at 770-345-7529 to schedule a trial music lesson or you can try an art class to see how you like it without committing to the whole month. We can’t wait to hear from you!

– Jonathan and Lara

I often tell the story about PLaY! Music and Art got it’s start. Having been a lifelong musician and starting at a young age, I had my first student at 17 years old. He had heard me play and had just gotten a drumset. He asked if he could pay me to show him how to play and I thought that I must be dreaming! You mean, your going to give me money hang out and talk about and play drums?

Things grew from there and I soon had a small group of students that I had to put on hold when I would go out on short tours with bands that I was playing with at the time. I continue to keep this attitude in mind as an (only *slightly* older) adult. Sharing music and helping my students reach their goals is a rewarding and awesome job. I strive everyday to bring that excitement to each and every student. 🙂

– Jonathan

As a kid, I was always doodling and decorating my schoolwork and while art class was my favorite by far, I didn’t realize it could be a career. I began college with the intent of becoming a veterinarian. Then one summer I took an art class and the rest as they say, is history. Then after I had kids I discovered how much fun it is to share art with children. After opening PLaY! Music and Art I discovered it’s also fun to share art with adults. Now I teach most of the canvas painting classes for all ages and I honestly believe I have the best job in the world!

– Lara

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